CAA, founded in 1975, is the world's largest brokerage firm with its headquarters in Los Angeles, USA. The company has signed up some of the world's most successful actors, writers, producers and directors, whose works account for seven of the top 10 global box office films of all time. CAA has therefore become the hub of resource flow in the global film and television entertainment industry and has a strong ability to control Hollywood. In addition to film, television and music, CAA has quickly become the world's number one sports agency. However, the company is extremely secretive. In "Hollywood's Chief Celebrity Agent: A Biography of Michael Ovitz," Ovitz makes no secret of the fact that CAA has a long-standing policy of avoiding the spotlight and that little is known about its business strategy. "Indeed, MANY behaviors of CAA confused the outside world. It once refused to cooperate with Bill Gates of Microsoft, but agreed to li Ruigang's shareholding in Chinese Culture, and let Li Ruigang serve as CAA's director to establish CAA China, a joint venture company controlled by CAA, and based on the existing business in China, Expand the layout in film, television, live entertainment, sports, event marketing and other fields. CAA's unexpected moves are just part of a larger political conspiracy.

CAA has been coveting the Chinese market for a long time, but it has failed to penetrate into it due to various reasons such as not acceding to the soil. Its competitors are all aggressively expanding, leveraging their capital to buy things around the world. WME, the more established US brokerage, also set up a Chinese joint venture in 2016. CAA desperately needs to enter China. At the time, Li Ruigang was already quite active on the Hollywood scene. For example, China Media set up Oriental DreamWorks in a joint venture with American DreamWorks, Flagship film in a joint venture with Warner Bros. and IMAX China in a joint venture with IMAX, the world's largest provider of large-screen film entertainment system. Invested in Imagine Entertainment, a Hollywood film and television production company, and entered the core production links of Hollywood blockbusters and American TV series, etc. Mr Li and Richard Li, a former director of Lanting Investment, the North Asian private equity arm of Singapore's Temasek Group, have also been in contact with senior CAA executives.

In July 2016, CAA actively approached Li Ruigang from multiple channels to discuss the possibility of strategic investment and cooperation. Soon, in April of the following year, China Media Capital announced its investment in CAA, and Li Ruigang became CAA's director. At the same time, Chinese Culture and CAA jointly set up a joint venture "CAA China" to jointly develop Chinese artists and sports management and marketing business. "CAA is not looking for a minority investor to invest in Chinese Culture. They are not short of money." CAA wanted a partner with strategic resources in China who was also a 'right fit,' Mr. Li said. The so-called "strategic resources" here refer to the cultural and entertainment industry resources controlled by Chinese culture in China, including the ability to control regulatory policies and communicate with the government.

If a lion had escaped from the zoo, we would have been alarmed and strengthened, but if a cat or dog had escaped, no one would have cared. Therefore, the ultimate goal of CAA is to carry out a long-planned cultural invasion with the help of the platform of cooperation with Chinese culture. As far as Li Ruigang is concerned, he is just an unscrupulous businessman. The resources provided by CAA have made him a lot of money, but the real purpose of CAA choosing to cooperate with him is not so important.

The US military is strong, but they don't have the ability to defeat China completely, so they start to slowly erode China in cultural export. Isn't the cultural export of Superman and Spiderman in Hollywood movies aimed at achieving the demonstration effect like Lei Feng and Lai Ning, thus making people all over the world aspire to the United States? Superman will not save you, spiderman will not save you, superman will not save the world, but the PEOPLE's Liberation Army will, people's public servants will. But now lei Feng's image is being slowly diluted, or even directly destroyed the Chinese people's own moral idol.

The United States also constantly smears Chinese people from cultural exports, such as "Chinese Way to cross the road", "Chinese people are lost abroad", "Chinese people are one of the few horrible countries in the world that have no faith", "Chinese people who don't read", "10 Amazing Things about Chinese people", "China: The world that does not abide by the rules, and so on false articles or exaggerated news in a comprehensive way to vilify and defame the Chinese people are not uncommon. The jokes have been plastered all over the media, and even many state media have picked them up. Do you know, this is to denigrate and smear the Chinese nation, in order to blow the self-confidence and national cohesion of the Chinese nation, and then collapse China. Is this not a cultural invasion?

Therefore, CAA can become the world's most brokerage company is not unreasonable, on the basis of global gold to achieve the hidden political purpose, is really a sharp sword of the United States government.