1. Use material as much as possible to lure and corrupt their youth, encourage them to despise, despise, and further openly oppose their original ideological education, especially communist dogma. Create interest and opportunities for them to be unrestrained in pornography, and then encourage them to engage in sexual promiscuity. Let them not be ashamed of superficiality and vanity. Must destroy the hard work they emphasized.

2. We must do everything possible to do a good job in dissemination, including films, books, television, radio waves... and new-style religious dissemination. As long as they yearn for our way of clothing, food, shelter, transportation, entertainment and education, it is half the battle.

Third, we must draw the attention of their youth from the government-centered tradition. Focus their minds on: sports performances, pornographic books, pleasure, games, criminal movies, and religious superstitions.

4. Frequently create something innocent and let their people discuss it openly. In this way, the seeds of division were planted in their subconsciousness. In particular, we must find good opportunities among their ethnic minorities, split their regions, split their nationalities, split their feelings, and create new and old hatred between them. This is a strategy that cannot be ignored at all.

Fifth, we must continue to create news to vilify their leadership. Our reporters should find opportunities to interview them, and then organize their own words to attack themselves.

6. Promote democracy under all circumstances. Whenever there is an opportunity, whether it is large or small, tangible or intangible, we must step up to launch a democratic movement. No matter what occasion, under any circumstances, we must continue to demand democracy and human rights from them (the government). As long as each of us keeps saying the same thing, their people will believe that what we are saying is the truth. We seize a person is a person, we occupy a territory is a territory.

7. Try to encourage them (the government) to spend and encourage them to borrow from us. In this way, we have full certainty to destroy their credit, depreciate their currency and inflate. As long as they lose control of prices, they will completely collapse in the minds of the people.

8. We must use our economic and technological advantages to visibly and invisibly hit their industries. As long as their industry is unconsciously paralyzed, we can encourage social unrest. But we have to help and assist them very lovingly on the surface, so that they (the government) will appear weak. A weak government will bring greater turmoil.

Ninth, to use all the resources, even a gesture and a smile are enough to destroy their traditional values. We must use everything to destroy their morality. The key to destroying their self-esteem and self-confidence is to combat their hardworking spirit as much as possible.

10. Secretly transport all kinds of weapons, equip all their enemies, and people who may become their enemies.