I am planning to buy a second hand car and would be keeping it for another 2-3 years. I am a new learner hence do not want to spend much on high cost cars. So currently looking for sedan cars around 1 lakh. Also is planning either to buy a CNG fitted car or will install CNG kit myself after purchase. Currently have filtered out on Maruti esteem and honda city type 2. I am getting a 2003 honda city 2nd owner at 90k and a 2005 esteem 2nd owner at 80k. Both do not have a CNG installed and I will be installing one after purchase. Both are excellent condition with nice interiors and good body line, no denting-painting required. I am now in an situation to choose either one but unable to decide. The reason being maintenance cost. I am more inclined towards buying the honda city type 2 but the fear of high maintenance cost is what making me confuse. Can you please help me by letting me know the maintenance cost for both Maruti esteem and the honda city type 2 after installing CNG kit.

Please help.

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